The Sasquatch And The Hidden Temple

There have always been stories of the sasquatch, the curse of Milton Burg.

The towns people of Milton burg are always talking about the myth of the sasquatch, claiming they saw the beast for themselves, including crazy old man Mr. Richards. Most people lied about seeing the monster, only for attention but, Mr. Richards claimed he really did see the beast. No one believed him.

Mr. Richard has always talked about going into the forest and finding the sasquatch by himself but, when he finally did, he said he immediately felt as if he was being watched, he came back that day with scratches on him and a twisted leg but, still no one ever believed in him, until I saw the beast for myself.

This is my story…

                                                     Chapter 2

One night I was watching a movie, when I heard a noise from outside my back door.

“It must be those Damm raccoons.” I said in my head, annoyed.

I walked to the back door of my house and opened the door, I turned on the light to scare whatever was outside but, the light went out.

“That’s weird I replaced that light yesterday morning?” I said aloud to myself confused.

I went back into my house to get a flashlight from a drawer in my kitchen. I heard rustling outside and trees shaking but there was no wind at all. I grabbed the flashlight from the drawer and walked back to my back door, I turned on the flashlight pointing at it outside, then I froze.

There was an eight-foot-tall creature with fur staring right at me. Without thinking I ran down my basement stairs thinking it would chase me, but it didn’t. I ran all the way down the stairs to a closet. Inside the closet was aa crawl space that went inside the walls of my basement, I waited there for the rest of the night.

The next day I woke up in an extremely uncomfortable position. I got out of the crawl space shaking thinking something would be waiting upstairs for me. I walked up slowly trying not to make a sound, I opened the door to my basement quickly. Nothing was there but my house was trashed, there were smashed dishes, and food everywhere, there was also this weird black liquid all over the floor.

I called my parents to ask them if I could stay at their house. They said I could but not for long. I talked to them about the monster and how I saw it. They said I was crazy.

 After a week after seeing the sasquatch, I moved back into my house. I was at work, at a meat factory. My co- worker DJ Scott wasn’t at work, which was weird he has never been late before, I didn’t think much of it at first.

I control the conveyor belt, which moves the meat into a grinder, like a cheese grader. My boss waved at me telling me to turn the conveyor on. I turned it on. I suddenly heard someone yell, but I couldn’t see who yelled.

In the corner of my eye, I saw someone on the conveyor. My heart dropped. I ran to the button to turn the conveyor off, but it did not work. The button was stuck jammed on something. “Turn it off!” my boss yelled at me. I noticed that it was DJ on the conveyor. “How in the world did he get there?” I thought in my head. DJ was about two feet away from the grinder when suddenly a big arm grabbed him quickly.

I ran to the conveyor where DJ was last seen but he was nowhere to be seen. “Where did he go?” I said to my boss, who was standing next to me. “I don’t know where he is, try find him I will stay here and make sure nothing went in the grinder.” My boss said back to me. I nodded. I ran to the exit and searched outside. And there it was, the sasquatch was running off into the forest. I thought to myself. “What if I try find the sasquatch for myself”

The next day I walked to Mr. Richards’ house slowly enjoying the nice autumn breeze.

After at least twenty minutes of walking from my house to Mr. Richards. I made it to his house, there was wooden fence all the way around the house, with moss all over the fence. It was a brick house, with a big chimney on the top.

I walked to the front door and knocked three times slowly. He opened the door just enough so I could see his face. He was a middle-aged man with grey hair and a black beard, with a bit of grey on it.

“What do you need!?” Mr. Richard asked me.

“I want to talk about the sasqua-” he interrupted me “Okay! Where are the cameras and the eggs to throw at me!?” he said in an annoyed matter.

“What no! I’m not here for that!” I said, “Then what are you here for?” he said to me. “I saw the sasquatch. I just want to talk about it.” I answered him.

Richard went silent for a minute.

“Come in.” Richard opened the door fully. When I walked into the house, something gave me a sense of Diju vu. In the inside of the house was a hallway. On the left was the living room and on the right was the kitchen and dining room.

Mr. Richard took me to the living room. “Where did you see the sasquatch?”  Richard asked.

“It attacked me at my house, he was about eight feet tall.” Mr. Richard walked to another room in the hallway, I was guessing it was his bedroom. He walked back to the room I was in with a small brown box. He sat beside me and took a pile of photos out of it and passed them to me.

“Is this what you saw?” Richard asked me. I looked at the photo. It was strange the sasquatch I saw was a darker brown, this one was lighter.

“Yeah, that is what I saw but the one I saw had dark fur. I answered.

Both of us went silent for a minute.

Was there two of them? “What is your real name? other than Mr. Richards.” I asked him.

“Richard Richards, I was named after my last name.” Richard answered.

“And yours?” Richard asked me. “Joryn Hjorleifson” I replied.

“Wait? What if we go into the forest and find the sasquatch by ourselves” I asked Richard.

“Good idea but, we will need supplies to go out there.” Richard replied. “Go get anything we will need to find the sasquatch, when your ready call me, and we`ll meet at your house.” Richard said.

                                                  Chapter 3

I waited on a chair in my kitchen for Richard to come to my house so we could find the sasquatch. Then I heard him knock at the door.

“Come in!” I yelled. Richard walked through the door with a duffel bag full of stuff.

“Are you ready?” Richard asked me. “Yeah, I’m ready…What’s in the bag?” I answered.

“Cameras, food, ammo, traps. Stuff we need to find the sasquatch. Richard replied.

“Ammo? we have no guns.” I said. Richard opened the bag and took out a shotgun. “Oh.” I said after he showed me the gun.

We walked out my backdoor and stared at the forest. “Are you sure about this?” Richard said. “I’m sure.” I answered.

We walked into the forest quietly, and for about twenty minutes we walked without saying a word, then Richard said.

 “Hear that? Frogs. I have not heard of or seen frogs since I was little. They were all over Milton Burg, me and my little brother always caught frogs and then let them go. But then the frogs disappeared. Now there back?”

I didn’t answer, I just kept quiet.

“Should we set up camp?” I said to Richard “I guess so, it’s getting dark out” Richard answered me.

“You set up camp, I will get firewood so we can make dinner.” I said to Richard. He nodded.

While getting firewood I found a rusted Katana in a bush, it looked like it had been there for a decade. I placed the Katana in a bag with the firewood. I walked back to the camp where Richard was.

“Hey Richard, look what I found.” I pulled out the Katana I found lying on the ground.

“That’s my brothers’ old sword.” Richard said looking surprised. He lightly took the sword from me and looked at it. “Too bad it’s all rusty now.” Richard threw the sword behind him, then we both froze. It hit something…

                                      Chapter 4

Richard looked behind him slowly. There it was again. The sasquatch stood there staring at us, with the rusted sword stabbed through its left arm. The sasquatch screeched, and scratched Richards back. Richard screamed in pain. “Grab the gun!” I quickly ran to his bag, opened it up, grabbed the gun and put two rounds into the beast’s chest. It screeched again and ran off.

“Are you okay Richard?” I spoke. But Richard did not answer, he collapsed…

The next day Richard woke up in his tent. He walked out. “Are you okay?” I asked him. “Yeah…Sure.” Richard replied.

“Should we let you heal for a while?” I asked Richard.

“No, I should be good, actually we should get going now.” Richard said back to him. “Are you sure about this?” I asked him.

“Yeah, I’m sure.” Richard said.

While waiting for Richard to get ready I sat on a log, out of nowhere I heard a static noise in the background, I also heard a female voice. I heard it for a about a minute straight.

“Richard, do you hear that?” I said.

“No. What is it?” Richard answered.

“That static noise, you hear that?”

“Never mind its nothing.” I said again.

The noise stopped I could not hear it anymore.

“I’m all ready to go!” Richard yelled. “All right. Let us go.” I said back. Me and Richard walked for about an hour then we saw a pathway going in one direction. “Should we go this way?” I asked Richard

“Sure, what do you think is at the end of it?” Richard answered.

“Not sure, let’s find out.” I said. We walked on the trail for a few minutes, but something did not feel right, I had that sense of Diju vu again. Suddenly a pack of wolves walked on the trail looking at us, growling and showing their teeth. There were four of them to be exact.

“Get the gun” Richard whispered still looking at the volves. I slowly took the gun out of the duffel bag Richard brought and aimed the gun at one of the volves. I pulled the trigger, but it was jammed. As this happened, I heard the radio static and the voice again, it seemed to get louder the closer the wolves got to me and Richard. Suddenly the noises stopped. One of the wolves jumped at me, but suddenly an arm grabbed the wolf, the other wolves whimpered and ran away. The last thing we saw was the sasquatch running away.

“What the hell… it saved us?” I said confused. “I guess you’re right. It did.” Richard replied. We stood there for a whole minute thinking about what had just happened. We walked without saying a word until. “Do you see that?” I said to Richard. About two hundred feet ahead of us was a shack.

Me and Richard ran to the shack as fast as we could, it only took us about 3 minutes to get to the shack. “This is where my little brother went missing… he was gone for about a week then he came home saying he found a shack with writing in it, he left that day again saying he will find it again. But he never came back. No one has ever seen him again.”  Richard said. There was a scared and sad look on his face. There was a moment of silence “should we go in?” I asked Richard. “Yeah, let’s go in,” he answered.

I walked in first, slowly.

The shack was a lot bigger on the inside than on the outside, I walked in slowly, then I stopped. In front of me was a ten-foot-wide hole, that looked hundreds of feet deep, and right under my feet was the radio I supposably heard earlier today, and on the wall was the weird writing Richard brother claimed to have seen.

“Richard get in here!”  I yelled. Richard walked into the shack. He had a worried look in his eyes. “Look at this hole.” I said.

“How did that get there?” Richard asked. “Not sure it was here when I walked in?” I said quite confused.

“Should we go in?” Richard asked me. “What!? Are you insane!” I said.

Richard took a flashlight from his pocket and shined it into the hole. “Look it’s only a forty feet deep hole, with ten feet of water.” I sighed. “I guess were going in?” I asked. Richard instantly said “Yep!” and jumped in first. Then I jumped in. * Splash! * “You, okay?” Richard asked me. “Yeah, I’m good but, why did we come down here anyway.” I said back to Richard.

Richard turned on the flashlight only to see four tunnels going in four different directions. “Uh ohh? So… which way are we going?” Richard asked, I turned on the flashlight that was in my pocket. “This way.” I walked in the tunnel that was on the right.

While we walked, we suddenly heard a splash behind, louder than the splash we made jumping down the hole. We looked behind us to see what it was. But we both started running instantly. Behind was the sasquatch chasing us. Both of us said nothing at all as we ran. Suddenly we both stopped, in front of us was two tunnels, knowing we had no time I yelled “This way!” I ran through the tunnel on the right. The sasquatch screeched and growled, as it kept running at us. In front of us was a staircase, without thinking we ran up.

Once we got up the stairs, a door closed behind us. He stopped to catch our breath. We looked at the door confused. The door was made of steel, but the rest of the temple was rocks and wood planks. Richard and I walked through another door that led us into a big room that was empty. Or that’s what we thought.

                                      Chapter 5

It took Richard and I a moment to realize that we were not alone in this room. All over the walls were tombs. And in the middle of the room was a tomb with the Kitana we saw earlier in the forest with no rust on it, it was clean, it looked brand new. “How is that possible?” Richard yelled. He walked up to the tomb with the sword on it, and lightly picked it up, then suddenly. * Crack. * The tomb that had the Kitana on it opened. Richard backed up ten steps. I pulled the gun out of the bag. And loaded it and aimed at the tomb. Me and Richard hear growling coming from the tomb. Then the top of the tomb flew in the air, then suddenly a zombie like creature crawled out of the tomb. “Save me.” the zombified creature said. Again, I had that sense of Diju vu. I quickly noticed who the creature was, it was DJ Scott, my co- worker who almost died on the conveyor belt. He had a missing arm and blood all over him. 

“Save me.” it said again. DJ ran at us growling, as if he were feral. DJ jumped at Richard and knocked him down, then he tried to bite him.

“Save us!” All the tombs broke open and more people with pale skin ran at us. “What do we do!?” I yelled. “I don’t know, grab my sword, we will have to hold em off!” Richard threw DJ off him and took the gun out of his bag and shot at the creatures. One of the zombie– like creatures came from behind me and bit my arm. I turned around and pushed him, I stabbed him… My heart started racing, I felt bad for what I just did, but I guess I had no choice. * BANG! * A door flew from the wall and the sasquatch ran through it. The sasquatch scanned through the room, then it looked at us.

It ran at us at full speed, but it did not attack us. It grabbed us and ran back to the door where it came from. The door it came from, the door lead us into a hallway. I looked to the left and suddenly another sasquatch broke through the wall crashing into the sasquatch who was holding us in its arms. Richard and I were slammed into the brick floor.

Both sasquatches screeched at each other. I quickly noticed one sasquatch was darker than the other. One was a darker brown and the other was a lighter brown. The darker sasquatch was the one who crashed through the wall. “RUN!” Richard screamed. Both me and Richard ran as fast as we possibly could, while the two sasquatches fought each other, as if they were enemies.

Suddenly Richard and I stopped, it was a dead end, there was a brick wall covering the hallway. Meaning there was no way out for me and Richard. If we ran back to the other end of the hall to get out, we would be crushed by the sasquatches.

“What do we do now?” I asked Richard, now I was worried. Knowing there was no way out. Richard didn’t answer me, he just shook his head. At the other end of the hallway, we watched the beasts fight each other, throwing their oversized fists at each other.

The other dark sasquatch collapsed by the lighter sasquatch, meaning the fight was over.

Suddenly everything stopped, it was like time was frozen. “Hello?” my voice echoed through the halls. Richard was beside me frozen, he was stuck in the same position, not moving at all. I looked back at the sasquatch, it was walking towards me slowly, then I heard a deep voice say.

“So… Your Joryn?” I looked back at the sasquatch. It was speaking to me. “I need your help” The sasquatch said.

“My help? You tried to kill me!” I said back to it. “Hmm… that wasn’t me.” the sasquatch said. “You may be right, but how do I help you?” I answered.

“You’re the key out of here.” The sasquatch said.

“What do you mean, key?” I asked it.

“Well… you see, a long time ago I explored this forest, like you and Richard. One day I went too far into the forest and got lost. For days I searched for a way out of the forest, the moment before I thought I would starve to death, I blacked out and woke up in this temple.” the sasquatch said.

“What does this have to do with you being a sasquatch, me being key?” I said back.

“Hmm… Well, I wandered these halls for a hope to escape. I stumbled into a room with people in it, wearing red robes. They were speaking some kind of language called ohdavin, the ancient sasquatch language. I tried to speak to them, but they screeched at me then tied me up. They put me in the middle of the floor and started speaking ohdavin again.  They were performing some sacrificial ritual on me. They thought I was an intruder. They put a curse on me and Milton Burg, making me the beast I am today. Some of my kind say it’s a gift, some say it’s a curse. Only whom who share my blood may hear me.” The sasquatch said.

“Are you saying I’m related to you?” I asked the sasquatch.

“Hmm… well, you can hear me, can’t you?” it answered.

“I guess I am. But still how am I key out of here?” I said, confused since I just learned I am related to a sasquatch.

“Hmm… You are human, who also has the blood of the sasquatch, with your blood you can open the way out of here.” the sasquatch said.

“Now that wall there, covering the hall, it’s a hallucination caused by the other sasquatch!” the sasquatch said quickly.

Suddenly time unfroze, the sasquatch spoke in the other language, but I somehow understood. “Walk through the wall Richard, it’s a hallucination, trust me.” I said. Out of nowhere I heard explosions in the far distance. Suddenly the temple started to collapse. The roof was falling! “Run!” I yelled. Richard and I ran as fast as we could, behind us the sasquatch followed us throwing boulders away from us. Then we ran into another big room, the roof stopped falling as soon as we got in.

Then time froze again. “What just happened?” I asked the sasquatch. It looked at me. “Hmm… The people who kidnapped me long ago, know you’re here. They think you mustn’t escape.” the sasquatch answered. “What were those explosions?” I said. “Hmm… They are willing to destroy the temple, just so you don’t escape.” it said back to me.

“What do we do then?” I asked. “Hmm… All the ways out of here are blocked… but, there is one more way out. You may not like the details.” the sasquatch said.

“What is it? How do we get out of here?” I asked.

The sasquatch was talking slower than it usually talks.

“Hmm, you will have to sacrifice me…” the sasquatch said.

“But why?”

Time unfroze. The sasquatch spoke in the other language, telling me to follow him.

“Richard, this way.” I said. “How are we getting out of here?” Richard asked.

“No time to explain, I will tell you when we get there.” I replied.

Again, we walked down the temple halls, and again we went inside another big room. Then, suddenly, the darker sasquatch crashed through the wall, landing on the sasquatch who was helping us.

Both sasquatches started fighting each other, out of nowhere, the floor split in half, then I heard a voice I thought I had heard before; I got that sense of Diju vu again. “No! You mustn’t escape alive Bjorn!”

I looked at both sasquatches, the darker sasquatch was the one who had said it. “For years, I tried to find you Bjorn! We could have become gods! Ruled the earth together, but now I will have to stop you! You and Joryn!” the dark sasquatch said. What was he talking about?

“Hmm… you know I couldn’t let you do that Tairel, you slaughtered incent people, all for what? To murder more people!?” the light sasquatch said.

The ground quaked. The hole in the floor got bigger, we had a lot of things to worry about. Suddenly the zombie creatures broke through a door. “Save us please!” The zombies all cried. Richard pulled out his gun “What do we do!?” Richard yelled.

“Hold em off, just hold em off!” I yelled I pulled out the sword getting ready to attack. There truly was no way out of this.

                                            Chapter 6.

More of the zombies burst through the door, attacking us. And on the other side of the room the sasquatches fought each other. “We were brothers once Tairel!” The light sasquatch said.

“Yeah once!” The darker sasquatch knocked the lighter one down and scratched at him repeatedly without letting him back up. “Crap, I have to do something!” I yelled at Richard.

“No, they will kill you!”

“I must, I know it sounds weird, but with the sasquatches help, we can get out of here!” I said. “Okay do what you must I will defend you from those creeps!” Richard said back.

I looked back at the sasquatches. The dark one grabbed a big boulder about to hit the lighter sasquatch. “This is the end Bjorn!” the dark sasquatch yelled.

“Yeah… it is!” I jumped across the hole in the floor and stabbed the dark sasquatch in the back, nearly piercing it in the heart.

The sasquatch fell into the hole disappearing in the light immediately. The hole covered up, then a door opened, going to a hallway that led outside.

The rest of the temple started to collapse. “Let’s get out of here!” I yelled at Richard and the sasquatch. The sasquatch ran behind us making sure nothing fell on us.

We all managed to get out just before the temple collapsed entirely. Then time froze again.

“My names Bjorn if you didn’t figure that out already.” the sasquatch said.

“After a while I figured it out.” I said to the sasquatch.

“Hmmm… you must have a lot of question’s, eh?” Bjorn said.

“Yeah, you said we had to sacrifice you, but here you are.” I said to the sasquatch. “Well… you were supposed to push me into the hole, I didn’t know any of my kind could have done it.” the sasquatch said. “Anyway, you must go now, people are looking for you.” “I must go now to, it’s about time I redeem myself for what I did…” the sasquatch said again.

Time unfroze. This time the sasquatch was gone, nowhere to be seen. “Well, should we go home now?” Richard said.

“Yeah… We should.” I said back to him. We got home safely without saying a word that day. When we got back Richard said “Check this out!”

He pulled a gold brick out of his backpack and showed it to me.

“Where did you get that!?” I said to him shocked.

“I found it when we were running, it was just on the ground. It has the name Bjorn Hjorleifson written on it.” Richard said to me.

“That’s the sasquatches name” I thought. Plus, Hjorleifson was my last name too.

“Keep that, I want to look at it some time.” I said to Richard. Later that day I got back to my house. There was a box on my doorstep. I brought it inside and put it on my kitchen table, I opened it. Inside the box was a piece of paper with writing on it, but somehow, I understood it.

It said the words. This is just the beginning- Bjorn. I sighed and walked to my living room and laid on my couch. “This is only the beginning” I said over and over in my head. I closed my eyes and exhaled in relief. Milton Burg, was safe from the sasquatch.

For now, at least…